Picture of Deborah Denenfeld
Louisville, KY

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In my school residencies I teach dance as a reflection of culture and time period. This is often folk dance, danced in groups. The outcomes are team building, personal responsibility and fun for children of all abilities. The fun is tied to other curricular areas, based on Arts Standards and your state’s Program of Studies. Since COVID I lead a virtual Dance Parties for all ages on Facebook Live every week. As a dancer teaching in classrooms for over 25 years, I have extensive experience working with diverse students. I also founded and run Dancing Well: The Soldier Project, a nonprofit that brings uplifting group dance to Veterans & family members affected by PTSD or brain injury. Willing to tailor to your needs. Willing to travel.

I can provide either Facebook or Zoom demonstrations and hands-on lessons. Videos with accessible activities and followup materials can be requested for future use.

The Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, supports Arts for All Kentucky with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.