Picture of Letitia Usher
Murray, KY


Letitia Usher uses her education, theatre, health, and counseling backgrounds to build self-awareness and empowerment in young people. She is a certified Teacher, Counselor, and Master Storyteller who has over 25 years’ experience in Theatre Education. She works with all ages and abilities to custom design workshops and residencies for the individual needs of a group or school. Letitia specializes in process-oriented theatre and storytelling programs. Through these programs, young people are given an opportunity to learn about themselves: build self-esteem and confidence, improve communication skills, develop creative expression, awareness of emotions, increase co-operation skills, physical co-ordination and more. Ms. Usher has taught theatre and literacy building/storytelling programs to young people in multiple states, including; KY, TN, CA, CO, PA, and NY.

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