Dance and Movement

Dance and creative movement promote physical, mental, and emotional health through kinesthetic learning and creative expression.

Literary Arts

The Literary Arts give students a voice and promotes problem solving skills using the creative process to develop reading and writing skills. 


Music is a multi-sensory experience that allows students to express themselves non-verbally and is a powerful motivator in developing new skills.

Drama and Storytelling

Drama and Storytelling are powerful teaching tools that boost self-confidence, encourage cooperation and develop communication skills.

Photography and Media Arts

Technology offers multiple ways for students to express themselves creatively and enhances academic learning.

Visual Arts

The visual arts including painting, drawing, mixed media, fiber arts and crafts build fine motor and problem-solving skills, enhance communication and promote self-esteem. 

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Arts for All Kentucky

formerly VSA Kentucky

The arts provide us with a universal language through which we communicate experiences and unite diverse cultures. Through the arts, Arts for All Kentucky provides opportunities for people with disabilities to be part of the life of their communities and make our world more accessible and enjoyable. Arts education, community arts programming, and professional development are vital elements of our service to Kentucky.

Mission Statement
What is Arts for All Kentucky? (Video)Transcript

Arts for All Kentucky is a non-profit organization; it is statewide and an arts and disability organization.
We provide programs for schools and communities all across Kentucky.
I’m the executive director, and I’m sort of more or less the coordinator of the programs.
I reach out to people to bring residencies, artists in residence to schools, to bring artists to community centers.
Arts for All provides an inclusive experience for kids with disabilities, in that they participate in visual arts, musical arts, and theater in inclusive settings where they are among typically developing children.
I’m currently a roster artist, so a teacher, an administrator, could choose to write for a project and bring me in to do a painting project, a clay project, anything that is in my line of experience.
There’s so many cuts to the art program that arts are important and they need to be seen as important, and this program really helps to bring them into schools and highlight the importance of art.
I feel strongly about Arts for All, and I think it’s a great organization, and it serves the needs of a very specific population that really goes underserved.
Some of us take for granted that we can take a painting class or that we can participate in a musical or a voice competition; a lot of that is not always accessible to people with disabilities.
Often children and individuals with disabilities can easily become isolated, and these activities, these programs give them opportunities to express themselves that they may not otherwise have readily available to them.
People with disabilities, in some ways more, maybe than people who do not have disabilities, art reaches them on multiple levels.
I think it adds a broader element of education to their lives.
Well, I feel that it’s very important to support Arts for All in your community because it brings artists to students.
I think it is so important to support Arts for All both financially and if you’re able to volunteer.
I think the inclusive experience that Arts for All creates is not just about art but about community.
Well, I think when you have a more enriched and more enlightened community, and you take care of all your citizens, it’s a better community for everybody.
It’s awareness, awareness of bringing people with disabilities into our facilities, into the classroom, to include them in the arts, the culture of our communities.

Arts Inclusion Projects in Kentucky Schools

Attention Teachers!
Would you like to receive $1,600.00 to do a hands-on, inclusionary arts workshop/residency that interfaces with your curriculum and KAS (Kentucky Academic Standards)? Using a Arts for All Kentucky approved teaching artist, you can bring to your classroom and school a thematic project utilizing dance, drama, music, storytelling or visual arts that will interface with your curriculum.

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Student Call for Art

Arts for All Kentucky is now accepting artwork by students with disabilities in Kentucky schools, grades K-12. Selected artwork will be included in the Student Traveling Art Exhibit and will be showcased at the Exceptional Children’s Conference in November at the Galt House in Louisville. For guidelines and application, call 270-792-0023.

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Side by Side

This program is designed to offer a creative outlet for students, reinforce inclusiveness and positive self-image, and highlight the importance of arts education in the development of our young people. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to create alongside professional artist and see their work exhibited in a gallery setting or perform at a public venue.

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