Student Traveling Art Exhibition

What is the Student Traveling Exhibit?

Arts for All Kentucky is a non-profit organization that promotes arts, education and creative expression for all. The Student Traveling Art Exhibit, “A Matter of Perspective” is an annual exhibit comprised of original artwork created by students with disabilities from across Kentucky. This art exhibit is available to schools, museums, businesses, libraries, and hospitals across the Commonwealth each year. Teachers are encouraged to submit their students’ original artwork each fall in order to participate in the exhibition.

Extending a Call for Art to Students

Arts for All Kentucky is extending a Call for Art to students with disabilities in Kentucky schools, grades K-12. Selected artwork will be included in the Traveling Student Art Exhibit. Our goal is to recognize the accomplishments of students in the visual arts and to share them throughout the state. In November, the Traveling Exhibit will be showcased at the Exceptional Children’s Conference at the Galt House in Louisville.

Student Call for Art Entry Form (PDF)

What is Arts for All Kentucky? video thumbnail featuring Kim Soule a Roster Artist
2022 Student Traveling Art Exhibition
Promotional art for the 2020-Student Traveling Art Exhibition
2020 Student Traveling Art Exhibition

Bring the Student Traveling Exhibit to Your Community!

Bring the Student Traveling Exhibit to Your Community!
The Arts for All Kentucky Traveling Exhibit, “A Matter of Perspective” will be available for touring throughout the state beginning January. It is lightweight and easy to display. The exhibit is Free of charge and includes an education packet. If you are interested in having the exhibit at your school or other community location please click the PDF link below for more details. For more information please contact the Bowling Green office at (270) 792-0023 or email [email protected]

Traveling Exhibit Request Form(PDF)

Art on Tour

Art on Tour is a Arts for All Kentucky program that offers traveling exhibitions to schools, libraries, galleries and museums, organizations and businesses throughout the state.  Exhibitions include selections fromArts for All Kentucky programs like:

“A Matter of Perspective”, the Student Traveling Exhibition comprised of artwork created by Kentucky students (K-12) with disabilities,

Side by Side, comprised of artwork created by students with disabilities in collaboration with professional artists from Kentucky communities,

The Ron Billings Emerging Artist, a one or two person exhibition of artwork by artist(s) who have received the Ron Billings Emerging Artist Award for professional development.

Special Exhibits may include invitational and other exhibition opportunities.

For information or to schedule an exhibit, contact the Arts for All Kentucky office at 270-792-0023 or email [email protected].