Side by Side

Looking for a way for your students to have enriching, fully inclusionary, educational arts experiences that interface with your curriculum and enhances learning?

Twenty-five to thirty $1,400.00 awards will be given out to schools across Kentucky for arts projects that include students of all abilities. This program was designed by Arts for All Kentucky (in partnership with the Kentucky Dept. of Education) to provide opportunities and experiences in the arts for all children (with and without disabilities) that interface with KAS (Kentucky Academic Standards) and the classroom curriculum in mainstream settings. This is an opportunity for classroom teachers (academic, special education, art teachers/specialists) and artists (in the arts disciplines of dance, drama, literary arts, music, storytelling, or visual arts) to work together to plan a fully inclusionary arts project for a group as small as 25 children to a larger group. Any project idea that provides experiential, enriching, adaptive experiences in an art form(s) for all students is worthy of our consideration.

This image shows a still from a television news report. The scene is an indoor setting with several people gathered, some standing and others in motion, possibly interacting or engaged in an activity. There's a table in the foreground with various items spread out, which could be art supplies, indicating the nature of the event related to art therapy as suggested by the news ticker. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen reads "YOUR HEALTH" and "'SIDE BY SIDE' OFFERS THERAPY THROUGH ART" along with the logo of ABC 36. The image appears to be a screenshot from a news broadcast segment.
WHAS Crusade for ChildrenLogo of Kentucky's OSEEL, Department of Education.

Funding for the Side by Side program in communities across the state comes from generous support of WHAS Crusade for Children and the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of Learning Services.

To bring the Side by Side program to your schools or community call 270-792-0023 or email [email protected]