Music and Rhythm Workshop

Arts for All Music Workshop
Title: Oh Yeah, Monkey, I’ve Got Rhythm
Keywords: Rhythm fun, Do, Re, Mi, Household drumming, sock of pennies, and candy bars!

Join us as we learn about some fun ways to discover rhythm with everyday items. Come “Dance” and play!


* Arts for All Welcome Song with call and response

* Do, Re, Mi vocal warmup

* Rhythm lesson with household items to be used as percussion instruments (empty soup cans, solo cups, sock of pennies, etc)

* Candy Bar Rhythm

* “Dance Monkey” Rhythm fun

* Additional Reading Resources (all available through Amazon)
* Music for Special Kids: Musical Activities, Songs, Instruments and Resources by Pamela Ott
* Meet the Orchestra book by Ann Hayes (Author), Karmen Thompson (Illustrator)
* Theory Made Easy for Kids book series by Lina Ng
* Music and How it Works: The Complete Guide for Kids by DK by Dorita S. Berger
* Kids, Music ‘n’ Autism: Bringing out the Music in Your Child by Dorita S. Berger